name my blog

think I am gunna start a blog for my life in tokyo

taking name ideas

also is wordpress the way to go or what

Living there makes you a weaboo I hope you know that

I will forgive your insolence, 2018’er

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You remind me of an octogon - too many edges.

dont @ huber bro

Ok I won’t from now on ( I had no idea )

for a little money i can set it up and host it for you (cant get around to it rn)

but i wouldn’t do it on wordpress lol. it would be jekyll, which requires a little programming, and you could choose a theme and id do the rest. id install the admin plugin so u can do all the blog stuff from a simple admin interface

only mentioning it cuz i was looking into blogging solutions for someone else and it’d be pretty easy to set up something for u once i run through it myself, which im doing now

$pok strikes with force

id appreciate it if u called me €pok or alternatively e₽ok

It’s not in my keyboard

thanks man

u can copy paste that shit from the internet bro

It’s difficult to do stuff on phone

It just didn’t seem worth my time

Call it “My quest to find the fabled used panty vending machine.”

gaijin sekksutourusitō

gunna pass but ty

ah true if ur on mobile its definitely not worth