NAMinecraft: A Birthday Competition for NMAGame!

The release of Minecraft Patch 1.19 brings our 5th Annual Minecraft Server - this time a month-long, server-wide celebration of NMAGane's Birthday!

The Rules:

Whosoever builds the best Birthday House for NMAGane on the server will be granted Moderator Status, a custom Badge/Title on the website, and 3 wishes!

The Admin Epok has approved all of this and granted me Moderator Powers for the month of June to see that it gets done.

The Server IP

I highly recommend posting screenshots, video, detailed build plans in the thread as these are essentially your advertisement for your entry in the NMAGane Birthday House Competition.

Please remember to collaborate and be nice to your neighbors - we are a friendly, collaborative community. I have had some trouble with some of you in the past trying to "parallel play" (look it up). The point of playing on a multiplayer server together is to play with people, not build your own base 1000 blocks away and show up 2 weeks later trying to give away your extra diamond armor and tools. We work together.


Q. What's in patch 1.19?
A. Snowy mountains, Mangrove swamps, goats, frogs, and The Deep Dark.

Q. What's the seed?
A. This is the first server we have had with a set seed. I specifically selected a seed which would have a good sampling of the biomes from the new patch. The seed won't be revealed publicly but you won't need it as the good biomes are close to spawn.

Q. Can anyone join? What if they're not members of the site? Can my girlfriend join?
A. Yes, the server is open to anyone. All are welcome. We will have to think of some reward to offer them if they win the competition. We know your girlfriend is you on an alt account, but yes - "She" can join if you tell her not to be a bitch.

Q. How does the judging work?
A. As the Birthday Boy, @Vanilla_Town will be choosing the Birthday House Competition Winner at the end of the month. It's his server - if you have any issues, please address them to him.

Q. What if I am already a moderator? Is there any reward for me?
A. If you are already a moderator your reward is that you will be promoted to super moderator (purely titular)

Q. Any plugins/mods/etc?
A. The server is vanilla with "Vanilla Tweaks" plugins installed. To see the full list, type /datapack list in chat or open the Achievements menu.

If you need anything else on the server please let me know. Thanks all for reading and happy Minecrafting!


It's not my birthday.


How do we know somebody didnt give you this minecraft house for your birthday and now youre just regifting it?

Oh god asoul is a mod.


@SOPHIE You do realize that asoul is doing this with bad intentions?


Seemingly not

hosts server for the community
community: what's this guy's deal?

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Getting everyone's ip addresses for one.

I already have your IP address Kooky Kat I have hosted like 6 minecraft servers most of which you've joined

I mean I guess he gets more now

how much dedidated wam do i need for this sewver

We are still figuring that out. Right now 5 people on with view distance 10 - before I had render distance 30 (very cool) but it crashed

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Is it on a raspberry pi?

ec2 t3.medium

You might want to turn this on

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If anyone does some server crashing business it'll crash anyways as long as youre monitoring logs should be good

Whomst would crash a Birthday Server?

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Oh dang maybe you do know AWS

I feel like you know that that's probably already on

Website Bad Actors. Be wary, they may try to troll or take advantage of you.

various ne'er do wells and forum terrorists

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