Nap general

Nap status? Whats your favorite place to snooze?

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Looking forward to a good snooze after work

Lul people work what a wagie

I do not have a wage

I can not nap. Bad thread.

Had a great nap yesterday

Just had a great nap

I do not take naps.

How the fuck do you nappies have time for naps when you prepare and eat 5 meals per day, along with running and lifting and working? Wtf

Sheesh somebody needs a nap!

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Someone find me time to nap here?

alert:dox link


Grow up

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On Monday u have 3 2-hour meals in a row with 1 hour rest between each

Meal prep time. ND HACKING OFF

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Nap time

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My nap life is over. Going to the office to stand at the standing desk every day now