Nascar Stop Motion: The Craziest Race on Earth

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I was there.

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I remember where I was when I received the news that Dale Earnhardt died

Clear as day

can you imagine that you made fun of me for having a microwave on a coffee table when you had your disgusting inkjet printer sitting on your carpeted floor

for your information, that microwave would flip the breaker if I had it on the outlet on the countertop.

That wasn't an inkjet printer, it was a laser printer. I would never own an inkjet printer.

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I apologize for hastily critiquing your choice of microwave placement without first gathering all the facts. I didn't know it was done out necessity stemming from a technical consideration and it was rude of me not to inquire further before lambasting your misfortune.

Imagine even knowing what a printer is in the year 2019

Do you use it to print off images from the internet to mail to your friends with little written comments like "This one made me laugh!!" and "PS. Tell the Grandkids I said Hi!"

Print out papers on partial evaluation and symbolic execution to hang around my room on clotheslines.

This is a typical application of an inkjet printer.

i fixed an injek printer in anticipation for the invevitable exchange 4 sex

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You: redtube premium
Me: arxiv donor, ACM premier membership

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You can microwave wet paper for abstract art

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It looks better than any Daniel/tanja/that rapist they both have sex with that’s immune to any criticism paper

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the boringest race on earth

that's a really, really unappetizing image, by the WAY.

thank GOD that i had no idea who or what you were typing about for at least the first two skim throughs!

RIP to a real one.