Native American Mound General

Post your favorite mounds

Mine has to be the serpent mound
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I would like to start this thread by acknowledging that we are posting in the Native American Mound General.

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do hillforts from other cultures count?

this is my native american submission i believe it should qualify as proper terraforming


Rust gambit

@SOPHIE post again


Das a nice one

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Blue text,m what does8t say

Im about to go death con 3 on the moderators. My post was hidden meanwhile ■■■■ post was not


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destiny is a girl's name

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death con lol

destiny fans will get this

wasn't that guy a piece of shit drama farmer or something

how are people like him and keemstar relevant at all. i guess just appealing to the lowest common denominator of the human mind

Damn dude im going back to look at my 2006 google searches

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I couldnt even spell shaven pussy correctly

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