NBA Thread

Big fan of Lebron assembling the meme team so no one will notice that my Raptors are gonna lose in the second round again this year!

Also Boogie’s a bitch.

im following summer league and hope grayson allen breaks his leg

e: or at elast has some marfans associated aortic dissection

i just came in here to meme about GSW xd

no we fucken aint, 3rd round or finals for sure

can’t wait for boogie to get booed

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cant wait for that guy to have a 35 rebound game in a game the warriors win by 40



Can y’all really blame boogie though. He knows he’s really only gonna play post all star break next season so he decided might as well get a ring and some damn good rehab while I’m at it

That said, fuck gsw


Yo it doesn’t include OG or Paskal

It’s demar, jakob, and a 1st… that’s not too bad. AND we get Danny Green - I like that dude.

I’m really sad for demar because he’s given us so much. However, I never thought his game was gonna take us all the way so I can understand why Masai does this.

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yep, much better than I initially thought it would be

go all in for one year, if we win it great if not we accelerate our rebuild

i fuck with it

im so mad were paying for zach lavine

Yeah that’s a weird one, but that franchise needs to hit a long shot to go anyway so maybe that’s the shot??

jabaris good we dont need some seattle ass granola muncher eating at our salary cap

poor demar :frowning:

Certainly true

Anyone doing fantasy this year??

I don’t do fantasy but I watch every raptors game. I’m going to the pre-season one in vancouver too. @capgrass

Nice! Vancouver deserves to have a team again.

I wish I could get to more games but good tix are expensive at the ACC these days so I usually only get down there for 2-3 per year.

This is my first time going to an NBA game. I’m pretty cheap so I don’t even pay for cable I only watch re-streams. Hopefully Kawhi balls out this season, but I doubt he’ll play much or at all during the pre-season game. I’d be happy just watching JV