need an API key



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trust me dude this is going to be hilarious

would u do it for my birthday???

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Anybody else just sitting in the office on a Friday afternoon listening to The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades and ruining Dan's website

Anybody esle just s ss

i feel bad cuz youre smart enough to do some fun stuff with it but i cant have you say sharing an API key with nma sorry

2021 years later lmfao


I have no idea what the discourse creators were thinking when they made this website

are you seeing these ridiculous timegaps

Yes - Site appears to be broken.

im looking at the CSS now -- not seeing anything that couldve caused it

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bot sending a wrote timestamp on post.

not using active record validations...yikes...

my hypomanic episode subsided so im going to write 20~ loc in the next 3 weeks

it's not needed anymore


why do you want to secure read access for the egyptian so bad?

Egyptian has read access via actual accounts he doesn't need some sneaky api key method

i dont think he does