Need an Avengers Endgame leaked rip

I really need that before people here get to see it because there are ppl around me that would kill themselves over getting the ending spoiled

Thanos dies

did anyone here watch it? does it screen tomorrow on the U.S?

You can figure out which characters die by asking who wants out of their contracts/ has not been successful enough for the business people at Disney and then just spoil in that way

In other news if I find it on the internet this weekend I will stream it here

8x speed - I do not have time to sit through 3 hours of superheroes quipping at and then punching each other

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OKAY SO apparently they defeat thanos and iron man and black widow dies

Yea obviously

RDJ has been trying to get out of his contract for 5 yrs

Several other superheroes likely die just because a) theyre part of the old generation and just arent interesting in the minds of the disney guys any more, or b) they're part of the new generation and aren't making enough money

nah they all survive except thouse 2 and thann0s

Doubt it

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Thor is done for sure right

captain america has a black child lol

quoting my best man "4chan is going to be pissed about this"

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We can keep going like this and it will be just a me & you thread

i got spoiled the moment I heard it had a happy ending

Spoiler Alert!

absolute capekino, can't wait for the TS