Need Relationship Advice


My girlfriend and me have done dating for 5 month. I thought “This girl is very good,” and became of love with her.

Yet even so, on this Monday, I comed home and found she as baked all my beans.

Yes, all. Oh brother.

In my cupboard I store several bag of bean, to make soft and to bake on some days, to have a bit of baked bean on my dinner. Or, heck, a lunch too some days.

But on the Monday I find this girlfriend baked all the beans. I say “Why do you bake my beans”, and she say something as “I bakes them good to save time, so I bakes them all now.”

I am astonished and full of dissmay. I say “I canfr not eat all the beans”, she say she is froze many of the beans so as we can unfrozen the on a later day and eat some at a time.

But, if a bean is froze and unfrozed, the very good and very nice flavor of bean is gone far.

A bean is best if baked fresh as a Sunday Pie. Not to be froze and unfroze!

I told my girfriend I am so sad of this, as to my opinion the baking of the beans and to freeze them has ruin all my beans. She say I am “gone haywire” by my enragement and sad manners.

But I hates what she did to my beans.

On the days before Monday I thought “Will we marry the girlfriend? Well it might be so.”

But now I am so sad she baked them beans. I am consider to end our relations and not be the boyfriend and girlfriend any more. But, is my idea wrong? Could my girlfriend make promise to not bake the beans? I do not know what doing to do and how to feel forgiving on her.

What can I do on this situation I said here? (In the text I write above this.)

Thank you.


Kkat, which subreddit did you pull this from

Bean her with a can’a’beans

Hey, cool it on the racial slurs bud

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I would pay double for a can of refried beans right now


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Kittens I would only send you the hottest and freshest memes if I was your man

Just think about that for a sscond

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Bees posts are SO bad holy shit


15th post in a row that just says “its a GIRL GAMER guys. IT’s a GIRL. Give me ATTENTION”

2 posts after every WINTERMUTE post that says “Oh Good Point ALightSoil (Please Notice Me)”

When are you going to contribute something that isnt SHIT


its gonna be a cold winter being forced to read epok alightsoul and bees posts

this is the world we created by exiling jdick


Least u don’t have to read many lbj posts

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that man exiled himself sir

It’s always a cold winter.


i know, isnt it adorable ^_^

This post was up for 9 hours and not one of you flagged it

I gave each of you the fucking world, and this is how you repay me?

Close this fucking thread, it brings too much pain

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