NEET thread

Idk what I’m gonna do next but enjoying the NEET life for a month or two before I decide on grad school or something else. Any perma NEETs here?

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ya right here boss

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i have too much anxiety to NEET forever I think I’m properly socialized into wage slave mentality

How can you afford to be a neet.

Like do you just not got bills or responsibilities or enjoy having fun

not really a neet anymore. got burned out a while ago and was a neet for a while. doing some contract work stuff now and getting a job soon.

imo real neets are hikikomori. if you’re not socially withdrawn or have prospects its not really applicable for you lol

save up money or burn somebody elses. its not really a thing you can do here if you dont own your own property or have money. there’s different benefits programs that NEETs use overseas and generally a NEET will use friends or family to meet the ultimate goal of avoiding being part of the workforce.

Most people around here I’d say it’s that they’re partially dependent on family

checking in

i have a job and money but i just dont enjoy living so

Then ur not neet

Didnt work for a long time and it felt awful, but the work available at the time also felt awful. Happy I escaped that shitty part of life.

im a NEET

how u employed but a neet

im not engaged

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haven’t been a neet for longer than a month since i was 14

I imagine being a NEET for a long time would realllly fuck with my self esteem but holy shit sometimes i feel like it’d be nice to not work 50 hours a week.

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