New Features!

Hidden Messages

Now when a private message is sent, a user will no longer have their last_posted_at updated.

you can now enjoy flaming town as mafia in private messages without fear of @theGreatWingdingi cheating.

Upcoming Feature(s)?

First stages of adding a vote count button!

Power button for now. Pops up a modal

Data is available, just need to do some more debugging


can we get flag stats public in our profiles


post ur feedback on the sidebar and ill try to handle it

ill make the lines inbetween streamers dimmer with the next patch

oh i see something lmao

i think ill disable it it messes with browsing a bit. shouldnt take long to fix tho

@epok the new streams sidebar seems to be working with no bad side effects. l like it.

Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the bad side effects to show up

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i was thinking it might look better if it was aligned with the "content" and not the header section

What in god's name is that

There's really no saving discourse is there

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yeah considering its category&desktop only i can do this

Add site stream to top of streamer sidebar when live

shit i forgot to add that too

refactored the sidebar and added featured streamers field, currently in a PR tho

once its in ill do the site stream on the top

okay this is in lemme know if its broke

i moved these streamers to featured
Roragok,SammyboyGG,ahmet97_12,dotakyle,Gogey,kittens_x, notjones, paine1Q84,harodihg

lemme know if i missed anyone

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is this serious