New GoyClub Member: Osiris, the Invoker.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha youve always known how to make me laugh

I was just gathering data for a survey on the unemployed gamer lifestyle

I raped you.

dota stack soon @Osiris after the wife finishes up dinner

Alightsoul really is more deserving of my spot he will actually play dota with you guys

Help her

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too many cooks in the kitchen

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Osiris and I are starting our own dota stack. See:



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I am supremely bad at dota now it's great

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Training for the refpsi vs numeta game tho

Brendan's groan when he saw my blades of attack tango start was great. Thanks for the games fellas it picked me up a bit after a long day :slight_smile:


No one tell theodore tho he'll be mad at me


I will remember this slight

Okay. AND?

Nothing just i will remember this