New Mafia Signup

Does anyone want to play? I have several setups ready.

5 players:

9 players:

6+ players:



I’ll only play if it’s #glazed sponsored


i'll play but i dont check here often. i'll be active if we get a game tho

i think the mafiabot still is up

@mafiabot help

or not

@mafiabot help

@mafiabot slist

@mafiabot help host

The host of a Mafia game can use the following commands

  • @mafiabot host - Takes the current thread and create a signup
  • @mafiabot startday THREAD_ID- Starts first or next day of your game. THREAD_ID is very important and must be the ID of the game the host command was excuted from
  • @mafiabot kill playername- Kills playername This command must be excuted in the current day before you run the nextstartday command. Must be excuted 1 time per player and is case sensitive. This removes the player from the alive player list when the next startday command is excuted

whoops forgot the command it still works easy.

Medical Mafia is a really fun game with lots of doctors who don't know their role.

As a doctor you might heal or kill your target. Very fun game.

I have some time and could run a Dethy game. Only 5 players.