new #plasma logo

Ideas, comments, critiques?

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#plasma WE UP BABY

#plasma gang

it's really bad but im not the target audience

i like it

torsofuck - raped by elephants

I wouldn't put the anime girl over your logo. And I don't think you'll get any follower traction from your current bottom text so I would replace it with some short tagline for your weeb lifting demographic (terrible audience fit imo)

bruh its meant for lans. and or stickers to put on light poles

all the org info you need + sponsor is all there

kyle would hate it plasma

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how many followers do you have and where did they come from

i mean screw it man you do you but i think links create a lot more followers than a sign where someones gotta look you up. atleast the tagline might increase your chances of getting some anime crap sale

14k follow unfollow method

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The bottom are literally links

What I mean to say printing a link on paper doesn't really make people visit the link so it doesn't have to be so prominent on this stuff you're gonna put up. You can move it to the corner or something and it'll probably convert the same amount of people to followers as the big text thing would (very little but wcyd)

good idea but that feels like that would be way too much text.

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the thing with it is, if you randomly come onto this image on the street you have no clue what it is. Most likely teenagers are going to check it out or guys, and maybe some sexy girls


sexy girls :onthego: :hyperclap:

i really dont think so

you can set up a link in place and see how much many conversions you get because I bet it's gonna be low