New #plasma sponsor *Mr Lee's Noodles*

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You got a discount code ?

I dont. Im scared to have those.

What why

I’m trying to get some cheap noods bro

Cheap nudes haha try jacking off inside an adult video store

Porn is free I want noods

My mantra is don't eat anything that doesn't do anything for your body

Noodles are empty calories.

Dude who cares the world is gonna end and we’re all gonna die I’m gonna eat whatever tastes good

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Today I had a steak, some steamed cheddar broccoli, couple jumbo shrimp, and a small taco salad as well as a protein shake

Wrong thread sorry

they give me some discount code. Nobody uses it. GG, you can't lie your way out of that.

Yeah so you're a fraud

I wonder if this company has some sort of email address where I can open up a conversation

they probably do

Might have to link to this thread later


You must have an intense cognitive dissonance every time you drop off a pizza

You should slip broccoli into each box