New players thread

@d_bot message staff your identity or post a little about yourself here, just something to let us know youre not some virgin ban evader. I see your signup post waiting for approval but id like to hear a little first :)

I invited few of my epicmafia friends, see who will join (ozil, brandon, charley)

@SOPHIE wipe this thread and conceal my identity please I'm excited

Heartfelt welcome to all namafia newbies!

I just want new comp players so we can turn up the heat around here. If theyre personable thats nice but I want more pros checking noobs n shit

Yeah I'm trying to get sonseray to play here he's busy though

No worries we arent going anywhere

He's one of the best though

todl some of my melee friends about the site idk if any will join or not.

told nmagane to sign up a new acc

If you got him to go somewhere else wed be free. Just think about it