New REFPSI Team comps

The dota mastermind about to drop some heat on some team comps ya know you cannot lose with that you'll soon see in competitive play once pro players find this wealth of knowledge

Undying safe
Necrolyte Off
Abbadon Support(with necro)
Crystal Maiden (with undying)
Dazzle mid/Pugna mid.

Tusk (123)
Huskar (123)
Vengeful spirit(5)
Drow (123)
Centaur warrunner (4)
You can swap tusk or husk or drow across all roles depending on the better lane match ups. Go for towers and rosh early. Push and end.

Outworldy devour (2)
Shadow demon(4)
Luna (1)
Shadow shaman (5)
Underlord (3)

Fight unfair fights, leave luna to free farm. Long as you guys arent ■■■■■■■ on how you use your cc it should be free

Pretty sure abbadon necro is one of the most broken combos in the game tbh. very under rated lane for its power due to frequency

fuck hold up my phone is blowing up, too many pros calling to cop my draft/strats.

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@Numeta We need your input on the new meta.

It’s fun how it takes numeta until the last day of the patch to figure out these truly broken meta plays

Luna + shadow demon
Truly a never before seen shift in the meta


We need an in house match Team Refpsi vs Team Numeta. They pick players from this forum in a draft like in school PE. We have to play their hero picks and item builds.


i would reinstall dota after 6 years to help this happen. stipulation being we can mute them

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To be fair friend, I haven't played Dota in a very long time. I've been playing Apex, working and mostly TBC.

I only just started playing when they announced the patch at the end of battle pass, so like a week and a half maybe?

I have a smite priest I'd like to show off is anyone is interested.

I didn’t mean to hit you with a stray, I didn’t read close enough to see that this was refpsi’s thread

I’d love to see this happen but downloading dota again seems real bad for my mental health


u oughta do it

How’s my fiancée just try to ruin my life like this

I'm famus in dota now

u know this is some sort of cliche'ism that works regardless of dota

What does this mean? Lol

Its an honour