New Sherriff in Town

Howdy neighbors it's your friendly neighborhood moderator here please post below about how excited you are to have yours truly as a moderator.

I will be organizing weekly digital potlucks over Skype. Please PM me your skype names. Anyone who doesn't comply will have their IP address posted thank you.

Good day. :slight_smile:

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I don't negotiate with terrorists

damn I think you're in my Tesla's range :open_mouth: we should get culvers sometime???

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@big_ass come back


You are buying. I want walleye cheese curds fries onion rings pretzel bytes and a shake also probably some tendies and most definitely one of them mushroom and Swiss berders

mmmm good choice

mandatory reading

? dont dox users

some people need it as a substitute it for a personality tho

this was a wasted opportunity to deploy one of these :man_farmer: :cowboy_hat_face:

@SCSF what was that avatar of a woman in a space helmet that you had?

I tried to google it and had no luck.

Anna Fisher

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Anna fishhair

Imagine thinking this was a good idea



Dan Has Lost It

I volunteer as tribute to be dozxed