New Strategy: Signing Mafia Games To Circumvent Self Bans

So at this point you're all familiar with the concept of a self ban. The moderators have agreed to make me a role with which I can ban myself after making posts that dont conform to acceptable rules.

But I just had a stark realization: the part of me interested in continuing to post on the site may perhaps sign mafia games in order to evade self bans.

The two personalities my brain outwardly displays on the forum may soon begin to lash out at each other. As one personality will do anything it can in order to ban evade, the other will likely do everything it can to ban itself.

I believe that this is what @fuck_asoul meant by "The Duality of Mind and Body". It's a conundrum that I am in.

If you begin to see my posts arguing with themselves, please note that this is normal. If you begin to see my two personalities arguing with others, this is not good. I(hereon known as personality three) have not permitted these two lower personalities to interact with others, only themselves.

Thanks for reading

You could ask for a second account with a special role that only has access to the mafia forum. You could then login on that and still self-ban from other participation. @SOPHIE get on it

I TOLD you he was going to say that

@jdance Would Never Work. The Mods Don't Do Their Jobs

@Forrest we need your input on this subject.

@SOPHIE any updates on the sideb.. ahem, my new role

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You didn’t actually get a self ban role did you? Holy shit

Also where’s my good host badge @KrazyKat

Yep, they agreed in the thread that epok deleted

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Thank you @KrazyKat or whichever mod hooked a brotha up

It was a good game. Wish I could've played.

Any word on the role development?