new street spot?

The hobo keeps coming back. He hangs out on the red line. I might want to go see how it would be selling stuff there. Its a brave new world. (I would sit at yellow x's) Blue is the drive through path. Kinda feel bad taking the hobos spot, its a nice place to do it though. A long lione up and everyone in the drive through and gretta aint say a damn thing


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cops are probably goign to bust my balls in rotation just getting their coffee ffs....

the hobos gonna beat u up again dude quit fuckin with him

i rly wish i could find the original thread of when plasma got beat up by the hobo

do you still sell pens?

where is my gucci LV #plasma shirt

no. stickers that cost $0.02cad for $2+


@Plasma1337 can you interview the hobo? if i send you questions can you please record yourtself asking him them? i'm a journalist.

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would rather not

why don’t you hire him instead?

less $ for me

its important for the website

what’s it gonna take? money?

Yes. Sellout is my middle name

how much

Give him your vitaplur shirt off your back and make it a viral video



i like my Louis Vuitton Plasma shirt :frowning:

insom make this happen. we need a hobo interview