New Year Eating Thread

Up North, we always ate pork chops and cabbage on new years eve.

Down south, we now eat slow-cooked black-eyed peas with salt pork and cornbread on the side.

The idea is that meat=food and cabbage/beans = money for the new year.

Post your new year traditions here.

we string up a ■■■■■■ round these parts


Good thing they don’t eat tall skinny white boys. No meat on dem bones.

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American culture ladies and gentlemen

I eat pretzels.

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I eat

Bout to eat some ass New year’s cosby gang style

Name your brand

I usually eat black-eyed peas for the hope of more money, but I won’t eat them this year because I would gladly take a lower paying job for less stress.

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ill eat shit pretzels like snyders or auntie annes (cinnamon because im trash) but im not a brand guy, ill try and enjoy random Local pretzel shit