NewD3 Hyena Town Day 3

Day 3

after insom the beta male hyena was deaded to death last night @SOPHIE 's corpse was found next to his. @SOPHIE was a Vanilla Town beta male hyena mourning the loss of his brother. big sad face guys last chance to kick these scummy lions out from stealing your kill

Alive Players


Day ends in 48 hours or until you goobers get a majority of 3

@mafiabot startday 7358

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

kat, Kischie, bazingaboy, jdance, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


Good one guys! Really putting on a show here. HAHAHAHHAHA!

I was roleblocked

@mafiabot lynch bazingaboy

Why would (((they))) kill Sophie instead of you

@mafiabot lynch @bazinga

@mafiabot unlynch

@mafiabot lynch @bazingaboy



@kat solve this game for me

@mafiabot unlynch

I believe Krazykat is guaranteed scum. The only person who actually put a vote on my yesterday and the attempt to get me lynched today if Bazinga flips green.
@mafiabot vote Krazykat


Because they have a roleblocker, try to read the posts you fucking re-tard

It's not me so it's either you or bboy or kkat

I'm starting to think it's not you. So it's either Kat or kkat or bboy

We are finally getting somewhere here.