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will prolly just be a setup found on that seems balanced. id rather play in the next onebut i wanted to open a signup before the next games over. consider me a sign if someone else would rather host

@mafiabot host

@mafiabot .s

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I’ll only sign if Benny doesn’t play

bennys playing if im hosting

ok looks like someones gonna have to host a diff one since half the users wont sign!

People have been game ruining the last few games and you just ramble on about me for no reason.

im ok withj u playing but everyone else isnt

@mafiabot sign

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yay! bennys been great to talk with lately and he seems to be getting along well. i just dont wanna disinclude him :)

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@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot slist

Signed Players



1 town 1 mafia

Who will take it

i mean theres (3p) and (4p)
but this one seems better (5p)

you’re so dumb sometimes

All the time

I almost feel like he’s ironically trolling me

i dont see why you get so uppity about this dude when the problem user isnt around and bennys practically got a gun held to his head all the time with how we treat him now.

i didnt add him to the lounge btw i still thought more people should agree but w/e

I can host if needed

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Klaze should play.