NFL 2018 Thread

tfw no SpitWad to get angry about your Packers related shitposts edition

Browns are going to go 8-8 and miss the playoffs, but just barely

Eagles offense will not be as good as last year, similar regression to what the Cowboys offense showed last year.

Cardinals and 49ers will do way worse than people are expecting, Seahawks will cheekily make the NFC wild card 2nd in the division to the Rams

Saquon Barkley is top 3 overall fantasy material

My teams the Vikings what’s the Outlook like

What’s the outlike

I got Browns at 2nd in the afc north

I’m excited to watch Shaquem Griffin, I’m pretty mad the Bears didn’t pick him up along with Roquan

vikings are good but I don’t think they’ll be as good as the Rams

really the NFC in general is just deep as fuck

the AFC is a joke in comparison

thats a pretty hot take, i can see having the ravens 4th but the Bengals are an extremely talented team who just had a lot of injury problems last year

if can Eifert stay healthy and Joe Mixon does as well as people think he’s going to, that’s a really good offense

Refer spitwad

I know it’s a hot take but cmon bro let’s not be over here gassing up the bengals

giants fan here

hopefully our offensive weapons can stay healthy and we create a run game that actually exists

and what if I do? what you gonna do about it? :vb-devil2:

Ill smh at your naïveté