Ben Rothlesburger last home game

Lions won some games good times

Football is fucking trash

funnest sport i ever played

Play basketball you ape

only sport worse than football imo

wait watching soccer is actually worse than both

I do I'm 6'2" lol I'm good at defense

Best defense is a good offense

that's football

fuck you

basketball highlights are nice tho

and watching the Raps 2019 playoff run was insanely fun, I usually just watch their playoff games


i have a deep love of sports but I suspect it’s deeply tied to playing as a kid and watching games with my dad

dude after Canada beat the USA in overtime of the hockey mens final at Vancouver 2010 to give us 1 more gold medal than you and “win” the olympics it was absolutely ballistic

total strangers hugging in the streets and shit, everyone wearing red, goddamn it was electric

also the Bautista blast to reverse sweep the Rangers in game 5 was fucking awesome

bro me too

sick hockey is a great sport

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yeah its like the #1 thing me and my dad talk about and we’ve watched countless hours of shit together so im sure that plays a big part