Nietzsche Quote Thread

Nietzsche never married. Nietzsche proposed to Lou Salomé three times, but his proposal was rejected each time.

did someone just finish philosophy 101 Hot Damn

You hate Fredrich for no reason

posting in a niche thread





If she will yield to that which Reason is
It is Reason’s will that Love should be just
Dear, make me happy still by granting this
Or cut off delays if that I die must
Better a thousand times to die
Than for to live thus still tormented
Dear, but remember it was I
Who for thy sake did die contented

- Nietzsche

99.9% of the people who quote Nietzsche have never read through 1 of his essays

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including me! haha

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And another 0.09% didn’t get it

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Remaining 0,01 consists of two polar interpretations ft. You and Alightsoul


Nah, I don’t quote Nietzsche

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Whatever ewiz said I disagree with it at its most basic level

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More like dietzsche because u eat too much Taco Bell!!