Night Trap Day 4

Friend died during the night.

Final day. Flip yourselves when the game ends.

@mafiabot startday 7421

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

KrazyKat, ian, insom,

Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


@mafiabot vote @ian

@insom end this or let him speak?


i checked insom yesterday and he was clear. was trying to reaction test osiris insom you stupid dum dum. and kkat thought i was roleswapping friend ??

1 sec gotta find my phone to see my check

oh wow kkat visited friend

@mafiabot lynch @KrazyKat

Nice try. Two lies in a row. GG.

are you throwing or did you think i roleswapped

all three of us have thrown this game in our own ways. well done everyone

I am the tracker. I didn't reveal because I didn't get any results.
But with Bazinga dead, you had to make the kill.

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legitimately hope insom hammers me

Let's see.

Mello died after voting on you.

I posted that, and stuck with that. It paid off in the end.

@insom I tracked you last night. I got no result.
That means Ian lied not once, but twice.

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Aaaaand Insom is gone.

@insom where the fuck are you?

@ian if I go to sleep before he comes back, you have 7 hours to talk him into killing me.
Good luck.

i'm not gonna say anything i really hope he lynches me