NMA Thread

The site would be much better if NMA posted way less.


This is the most humiliating display I’ve seen of you as of yet haha. You’re just exposed and raging.

Happy belated Nmagane!

In fact, this is unrelated to the Minecraft server.

But I can see how you would think that.

You’re just begging on your knees for attention at this point and you’re not going to get it Wintermute.

Agreed. Should I close the thread? It seems like the well-meaning people of the site agree that NMA is a blight.


I do still consider you a friend, NMA, but I have to think about site dynamics and the future of NAMAfia.

This is the most optimal path forward for us.

  • ban nma
  • dont ban nma

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You’re neither funny nor good at trolling. Just a depressing show overall. Please try to learn some new tricks because you’re just boring everyone on the site at this point.

This poll is meaningless and the result will not change anything.

i just want to see the numbers relax

Seems you’re really panicking here. On our last legs, are we?

No I’m not, I’ve said that these polls mean nothing since the first one was posted by Yns. Another attention seeking post by a failed troll.

I and others in the thread are just stating an opinion.

You seem really resistant to people openly sharing their opinions. Why is that?

Crickets chirping

on the matter of making NMA post less (because it is different from banning him)

I can’t easily add a rate limit to somebody. The best I can do is make it so each post has to be individually approved, and that’s obviously worse than limiting his rates. still looking at other solutions, but the best one would be an inhouse plugin i think.

You’re wasting your time. You have to add “thread” at the end of more thread titles and making a plugin would take up too much of your time.

No, as you might imagine that doesnt take any time at all.