nmagane found an item duping bug

buy a circlet and sell it and you get to keep it

Nice work

match-id 4186285362 at 6 minutes, he buys the circlet from quickbuy then he sells it and buys a mantle. I dont think you can see the bears items in replay when its dead but when it spawns u can see it has the circlet.

@SOPHIE @luckyartist Move this into lounge please - don’t want valve to see it

It’s too late, I work for Valve and already submitted it to my boss.

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If you get artifact beta key as a reward send it to me

someone really sohuld look in to this and see if they can replicate it though

Hi there I am only a mafia mod ty

Lbj mafia mod

Wait is this real?

This is no item dupe you dumb.
Only dupe is you duping me to watch your friend replay. :angry:


I watched it and he clearly sold his circlet, got the money for it and then somehow kept it.

Who remembers the bug where you could sell illusion items