Keep dancing for me monkey. I'll be enjoying my Dota game with my life long friends, what about you?

You: Taking pride in failure and complacency. Spoiled, lazy, fat.

Me, Jones, Chris: Hardworking, happy, accomplished.


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You have wasted hours of your life looking up images to clown with while the world keeps turning.

lxxvi Do not always be Jesting.
Wisdom is shown in serious matters, and is more appreciated than mere wit. He that is always ready for jests is never ready for serious things. They resemble liars in that men never believe either, always expecting a lie in one, a joke in the other. One never knows when you speak with judgment, which is the same as if you had none. A continual jest soon loses all zest. Many get the repute of being witty, but thereby lose the credit of being sensible. Jest has its little hour, seriousness should have all the rest.

Next one please.

Preorder for a double funny picture.

You're really running out of ideas.

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You're missing one picture - I responded twice above.

I can't imagine that doing this is really going to satisfy your chronic teenage "boredom" for much longer though.


This is like "Quality Poster" and Haxity's spam from the old forum - you found a gimmick and are pushing it because people keep responding, and because you know that you can't back down anymore since you've dug yourself too deep.