time for you to read up bud.

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“The sure mark of one born with noble qualities is being born without envy.”

checks out


Can't envy anyone if they're all below you. True.

I’ve never much cared for this. Aurelius is sort of the Jordan Peterson of the ancient world.

Of course it is inescapable that he raised Commodus, who was a monster; sort of like Jordan Peterson has an obviously mentally ill imbecile daughter.

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Baltasar Gracian “Art of Worldly Wisdom.”

will be reading this one.

If you cannot clothe Yourself in Lionskin use Foxpelt.

This one really speaks to me, I think @Dondi_Fontaine_Houwk would relate too.

are you calling you and toprak foxes?

i need an aphorism daily calendar

i bleieve thats called a bible bro

thanks toprak

His forum username is @Vanilla_Town

We were discussing this vid in TS like 30 miuntes ago. We're in dota rn 3stack (chris+jones+me) if you wanna join.

How's the job search going? Since you seem to be too busy to join teamspeak or queue dota with your best friends, you must be making a lot of progress.


Hahahahaha. The more you do it the more owned I get.

Hahaha. This is just like Jerma - you are just like him.