No Le Lounge access (fixed)


@Roragok - Bug in site reduced my rank , can you fix this? Can’t say this is very convenient for anyone but this is the site design you chose.

Hm, you should be able to see it.

I fixed it. For some reason people the lounge members group didn’t have access.

It was the “Regular” badge that went away.

You might’ve been demoted from Regular on account of flagged posts. It’s okay, there’s virtually no difference anyways after i give you lounge access.

Give me back the Regular badge. I am a forum Regular.

My post was flagged by a2pas for saying the “Nword” [sic.]

It doesn’t mean anything though. virtually none of the trust levels matter. And thats a fair reason to flag a post lol.

No I want the badge visual on my profile to show that I’m a regular. It does matter - that’s why badges exist.
It’s not a fair reason to flag the post because the moderator told me it’s fine afterwards. I could just replace one letter - or two - or maybe three - with an asterisk and it would be the exact same thing.
The moderator literally edited the post back to put the Ni*ger word back in - after he edited it out.

A2pas flags posts for attention, and you’re giving to him by not giving me the Regular Badge back.

@SOPHIE Of course your response would be an epic twitch meme - a2pas is a moderator even! How could I have missed that!?
Your vision of this forum really is a Mafiauniverse clone - with moderators like A2pas and Speech Laws like this… It’s quite ironic considering your past on nadota…

a2pas is a mod?

The funniest part is that you most likely spam the “funny racist emotes” on twitch forsen chat.


I checked – he’s not a mod. You shouldn’t say wrong things, it looks bad.

No, you just have no clue what you’re doing. He has the Leader ability.

ill take tl4 away from everyone there lol.

but ive stated this before, a2pas is wroking on site plugins, so i dont think im going to revert his high level access. maybe if you helped me too id give you that access.

No, this is a Leader, and not a Mod. You’re wrong. Stop being stupid.

I don’t see why helping with plugins would require being able to edit posts and threads.