No more runescape

Back to league for now...

Moving this week, lots of stress, got unpaid internet bills and i'm being threatened with jail in a week.

Also getting a job after i move to the next place

Will keep you guys updated on this thread

Good luck. People still play runescape?

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What are you going to prison for

Playing Runescape in 2018

hate to break it 2 u but its 2019 bro

All I remember about runescape was "Hi I am girl gamer. Want to be my friend?"

Yo when I was 5 I got scammed out of 100 leather by that kind of thing. Probably why I don't trust women.

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I remember doing the quest to cross over into vampire lands and there was this other guy there doing the quest but he was at the point in the quest where he needed a bucket and I had brought one but he hadn't

So he was asking for my bucket and offering to give me a bunch of money and shit but I was not giving it because I was trying to say I would give him the bucket if he would explain to me how to get past the part I was stuck on

However I was such a slow typer that in the middle of me typing out what I wanted he would get upset and then I would have to delete it all and say "hold on a sec, I'm typing" and then start typing my question again

Meanwhile he just gets pissed and walks off

That's my runescape story

sad gamer story. never trust them