Damn that thread has 1500 posts. Where are the thread creators today making 1500 post-quality threads

The real joke was that I was joking at the time but this year I actually believe it

I don't believe in "No Fap Super Powers" or whatever but I think what people are describing is that as u get older you have less energy and orgasming takes more out of you. All these reddit guys just discovered turning 28

nah where are the posters posting

All of the posters from that thread are still here except nyte/slowdive

Nyte is still here

Which poster?

i will be in nepal trekking through buddhist villages all of november... and yes @REFPSI i will be retaining.


proud of you have safe trip

Is it bhutan that has phallus paraphenilia everywhere

i would go to bhutan but they have that stupid visa thing for canadians where u need like a booking with a tour operator to be let into the country they way it is for russia and iran.

I just saw it on anthony bourdain's show

Russia you just pay people who run like Russian immigration offices out here a couple thousand and they’ll get you a 3 year visa

It’s probably a lot different now because of the war but that’s how it was

Wouldn’t surprise me if they won’t approve any visa’s for US citizens at this point

Are you going to Georgia?

yup gonna do a month in goergia probably in April 2023.

gonna try to see armenia and iran too depending how things are at that point.

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any recommendations? where'd u stay in tblisi and why did u go to georgia?

go to Kutaisi and Batumi, go to the churches there if you get a tour guide it’s better, the churches there are like 1000s of years old, since I’m assuming you drink then make sure you go to a vineyard/winery and drink wine

you could probably skip Batumi I just liked it there, but I would just go across the country from Tbilisi to Batumi

they have like a flea market type thing in Tbilisi also where you can get a lot of cool old Soviet stuff if you’re into that too, anything from like military gas masks to old roubles to old Soviet cartoon films and books