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No Setup is rather like Vanilla, in that there are only two roles; Mafia Goon and Vanilla Townie. The difference with this theme being that, at night either type of role can perform almost any action! If you want to be a Pretty Lady one night, then redirect someone the next night, you can! If you want to be a Cop and then a Doc, you can! Sounds cool? Let’s look a bit closer then…

Day functions the same as a normal game, while night is a completely different kettle of fish from the norm. At night, you may choose any action you like, with a few exceptions. There is a list of actions you may use at night, any other action is banned, because they’re either outclassed or broken.


Day Length/Setup

Day starts now. (ends in __ hours) Nights last __ hours. Any questions regarding the setup will be answered in PM only (failure to realize this will result in a zeus).

Scum/town distribution are: 25% Mafia Goons, 75% Townies.

Town PM

Vanilla Townie
The only Town role in this theme. Don’t worry though, unlike other themes, Vanilla Townies can use any action on the list that they want at night!

Scum PM

Mafia Goon
The only Mafia role in this theme. Like its town counterpart, it is allowed to use any action on the list they want! (Scum also has the ability to nightkill one player in addition to using an action from the list).



Role List

Italic shows that a role may be overpowered. Host can choose whether to allow it or not.


  • Compatibility Checker (Checks whether two players are the same alignment)
  • Cop (Checks whether the target is Mafia or not Mafia)
  • Coroner (Janitor) (Checks the role of a person who has died)
  • Exposer (Target is loud for the night)
  • Follower (Checks which action a player used)
  • Forensic Investigator (Checks which players targeted a dead player throughout the game)
  • Gossiper (Targets someone. This person gets to know who targeted the user of the action)
  • Journalist (Targets someone. Upon death it’s revealed what the alignment of the target was)
  • Motion Detector (Checks whether the target used an action, or whether they were targeted by an action)
  • Oracle (If this action was used the previous night, reveals the alignment of the target upon dying)
  • Tallier (Checks the amount of Mafia-aligned players on the last lynch)
  • Teacher (Gives someone else an OS Cop for the next night, in addition to their normal action)
  • Tracker (Checks who the target targeted)
  • Voyeur (Checks which action(s) was used on the target)
  • Watcher (Checks who targeted the target)


  • Babysitter (Protects the target from kills. If the user of this action dies, the target dies too)
  • Bodyguard (Protects the target from kills. If the target would die, the user dies instead)
  • Cowardly Hero (Protects the target from kills. If the user would be killed, the target dies instead and the user can’t use any actions for the rest of the game)
  • Doctor (Protects the target from kills)
  • Jailkeeper (Protects the target from kills, and prevents the target from using an action)
  • Seraph Knight (Protects the target from kills until the user dies)


  • Avoider (If the target targeted the user, the action fails)
  • Banker (If the target used an “Investigative” ability, they are redirected to the Banker and get a favorable result)
  • Bus Driver (Targets two players, they target the person the other would target)
  • Chauffeur (Targets two players, they use the action the other would use)
  • Deflector (Targets two players, all actions on the first player are redirected to the second player)
  • Janitor (If the target dies this night or the next day, their role isn’t revealed)
  • Framer (If the target is targeted by an “Investigative” ability, they give an unfavorable result)
  • Lawyer (If the target is targeted by an “Investigative” ability, they give a favorable result)
  • Lure (The target targets the user)
  • Missionary (The target can’t perform a kill)
  • Parrot (The user uses the same action on the target as the target used)
  • Redirector (Targets two players. The action from the first targets the second)
  • Roleblocker (Prevents the target from using an action)
  • Rolestopper (Prevents the target from being targeted)
  • Screamer (Prevents roles from getting a result)
  • Sidekick (Redirects all actions used on the target onto the user)
  • Switch (Disables one specific ability that night)
  • Unblocker (Makes it so that the target’s action can’t fail)
  • Wild Card (Redirects all actions used on the user to the target. Kills aren’t affected)


  • Gladiator (The user and the target are the only possible lynches the next day)
  • Governor (If the target is lynched the next day, the lynch fails)
  • Hater (The target requires one less vote to be lynched the next day. Fails in LyLo.)
  • Kingmaker (The target decides the lynch alone the next day)
  • Praiser (The target requires one more vote to be lynched the next day)
  • Silencer (The target can’t talk the next day. They are allowed to lynch privately by PMing the host. This lynch is invisible)


  • Commuter (The user can’t be targeted this night)
  • Confidant (User uses the same action as the target, and on the same target the target targeted)
  • Enabler (When user dies, the specified action can’t be used anymore)
  • Fruit Vendor (The target gets to know they received fruit)
  • Hider (Targets someone. The user can’t be targeted this night. If the target is anti-town or is killed, the user dies too)
  • Loverboy (Targets someone. The target will die if the user dies. The target is informed of this)
  • Magician (A user appears to have died, who flips town (unless they were targeted by a Janitor. Only at the end of the next day this person is added back and the real kill is revealed)
  • Neighborizer (User and target can talk in a private conversation made by the host)
  • Nymphomaniac (User becomes lovers with the target. The target is informed of this)
  • Suicide Bomber (User and target both die)
  • Vanillaizer (Target can’t use actions by themselves anymore for the rest of the game from the next night on)

Should multiple people be made Kingmakers, both will acquire the effect, and the one that lynches quickest will be the one that sees their lynch go through. If the Gladiator effect is in place as well, the Kingmakers may only choose between the 2 selected players. If multiple players are made “gladiators”, players may choose between all the “dueled” players.

Unblocker + Ability will pierce Commuter.

The ‘Switch’ ability may target ‘Switch’

Switch takes precedence over Roleblocker. Example: A targets B with Roleblocker, B uses Switch on Roleblocker. Result: Roleblocker gets disabled





Changelog to Role List

any changes should get documented here

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Doritos Chipe
  • List item

Kingmaker should be removed prove me wrong

Kingmaker isnt broken

As a town->town action it’s borderline gamethrowing
As a mafia->mafia action it’s extremely easily to counterplay after the first mislynch

It’s only viable use lies in mafia->bad town but even then it’s not that good