Now announcing our newest sponsored team: Plasma Gaming now sponsored by NAdota

After careful negotiating with plasma gaming we have come to an agreement and I am proud to announce that the team known as Plasma is now sponsored by NAdota!

Be sure to show your support for our team next time you’re watching them compete!

The fact plasma has 10k followers lmao

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it also has a parler account

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The fact that plasma follows 6k other accounts wtf.

i'm extremely pleased to have this. thanks yns. you are valued amongst our community for supporting dota in north america

even more pleased to know it is plasma that is associated with this beautiful website

plasma your team will never succeed and you will fail even more spectacularly than them

no idea why you havent given up on this idea. go do some other scheme

@Roragok Are you paying them in wongs?

I hope the next failure is even more of a spectacle

Bruh infamous pays $300usd a month in Peru per player. I just gotta make it work in SA then I'll fuck off to SEA for a bit.

Guaranteed if we all pooled our $ together we could have our own pro SEA or SA team xD

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There is no point in supporting NA dota when ur competing against cheap south American labour. It's even worse that you can't talk about it.

We got legit paid. Cant say no to $


i like the vampire beaver

It's a secret

Ty venezuelan buddy did it

Pm me