NPC's are real and they reflect our inverted internal aspects

We have been existing in a construct. Earth is a purgatorial dumping ground. It reflects aspects of our true divine nature. NPC's are temporary consciousness; they exist only within this matrix. True Living Souls exist outside this matrix and are here to experience it. NPC's are necessary in this reality and they exist as filler characters. They serve 2 functions

  1. They show us who we arent by acting out inverted aspects of unity consciousness

  2. To sustain the 3rd dimensional illusion, allowing us to experience this kind of reality

These people will not wake up because they cant wake up. They are programmed not to. When this matrix dissolves, so will they.

If you are here, if you are questioning your reality, if you think about this reality, stop and really think - then you are a PLAYER aka a LIVING SOUL.

These NPC's play out scripts, they are programmed to. These NPC's involve us in specific scenarios to work out situations in which we need for spiritual growth.

NPC's/Hylics/Organic Portals are everywhere. They are projections of unresolved issues on a spiritual level. NPC's are everywhere; there is a finite number of real player characters in this reality.

This is why our world seems to be running on autopilot, robotic. Culture, entertainment, etc are just revealing themselves to be robotic constructs. Its a dumping ground for manifestations we want to cleanse ourselves of.

This also explains why the world seems fucked up. This are all aspects we want to purge ourselves them