Numeta Builds 10/20/2020

So I've created a few builds for you guys to enjoy and win free mmr with.

First off is the Shadowfiend mid. Your starting items are going to be Blight stone +5 branches. Branches are used for all stats, but mostly for the mana capacity for triple raze combos at 2/3. Additionally your ferried tangos after bounties can be used to consume the branches for extended regen.

You start off with level one Presence of the dark lord. Combined with Blight stone you can bring the enemy mid and lane creeps to -6. This allows your to farm at ease level one, and will also completely mind fuck your opponent.

The real kicker to a negative armor build early on is if your opponent is careless and tanks some wave creep damage, it will be doubled if not tripled due to your high negative armor. Your ranged creeps will literally OWN. Abuse this!

Important to note this will cause you to always be pushing but in a good way. When you deny your creeps at 50% remember that Blight Stone procs on allied units so they will drop faster by damage. This will cause your opponent to be unable to judge the incoming damage applying a slight advantage to your cs. Also important to note that your level 1 Presence of the dark lord will allow your enemy to deny his creeps due to the negative armor. Watch carefully for half denies to counteract.

At level one you are capable of farming creeps with ease and it makes your level one attack moves on the enemy mid very useful, dealing upwards of 55 dmg a swing.

Simply go into a normal max raze build or if you are facing a TA or a quas wex Invoker ( Any hero matchup you can't kill) Consider going for a max Necromastery build for big ults early on, or you can side with a 2/2/1 build. I prefer raze but the necromastery early on can do wonders.

Next up is your classic Dragon Knight mid but with a twist.

Starting build = Blightstone+Quelling+Glove of strength. First buy ring of health into THE METEOR HAMMER!

Roflstop your fucking enemies as your Dragon Tail combo into Meteor hammer all game.

Hear your opponents seethe in all chat as you take the mid tower 8 minutes in the game and have tier 2 down by 12 minutes. THis build is actually really dumb and I regret even explaining the build to others due to me having to face it in matchmaking now lol.

Typically i go no boots DK mid to rush Meteor hammer. cause you don't really roam and u don't care about runes.

Build order is Soulring > MEteor Hammer > Power Treads > Shadow Blade > BKB> Skadi (massive attack speed slow stack with lvl 3 dragon form - 100 IAS)

Talents are 2mana per sec > 25 dmg > 15% CDR (for Shadowblade/BKB/Meteor Hammer) > 1.6 Dragon Tail Duration

Important reminder - When you execute Shadowblade ganks make sure you flamebreath right after you attack out of Shadowblade so you can always confirm 2x Dragon Breath on your enemy for more damge.
Hit > Fire Breath > Attack > Sun > Attack > Meteor Hammer > Attack move > Breath finisher

The reason presence of the dark lord is skipped is because then the only presence you have as the dark lord is being across the river and getting ganked. blight stone is a great idea though, def good to pick up.

The DK one isnt bad. you can abuse it and take all towers with dragon form poison and meteor hammer. plus he can stun combo it for sure. probably your best build ever for sure. But you need to go boots before meteor hammer, your build order is wack. I would skip soul ring just build the perseverance and wand for mana instead.

You don't need boots, and you most definitely need Soulring for mana issues, early base damage and the armor that you lose from ranking stun at level 4. Soulring is core because you burn so much mana with Shadowblade and so on. It's perfect to the build.

DK mid does not need boots tbh famalam

Or you can go treads, and make up that money quick with extra 10 damage and attack speed so you can actually farm the neutral camps near mid. Why go soul ring before meteor hammer if shadowblade is the mana killer?

Go treads, meteor hammer, the money you save on soul ring completes treads, even if you wanna go just boots of speed, there is no reason to skip boots.

Because Soulring is how you farm early on, and stay competitive in lane and by farming proxy easy camp.

You don't buy treads because treads just don't do anything when you don't have damage to support it.

Feel free to try the build with your order and then with mine and you will understand why I did such.

You MUST skip boots because you can afford meteor hammer by level 6. This is paramount to the build. A level 6 meteor combo will kill any mid minus a TA.

I'll review your builds in my new video
Def meteor hammer DK is a solid build, honestly probably the best thing that has come out of your builds without a doubt.
The minor discrepancies is whatever.

They are valid so keep that in mind. I have stressed tested pretty much any variation of the build and meteor hammer first is the go-to bread winner.

Keep in mind that Meteor hammer is used to clear creep waves, hard camp stacks that you create, or any stacks for that matter. It's just such a useful item.

Okay, the DK build is 1000% valid.

It's absolutely fucking nuts LOL.

Legit feels like you're cheating. If you can get Optic Lens on your tier 1 neutral items it's so OVER for the enemy team.

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The combined iq in this thread is about 83

jdance: 51
numeta: 23
refpsi: 9

checks out

shit that means i have 0. welp

this is the good shit honestly.

you must CAPITILIZE words occasionally

how is numeta's iq higher than mine?i played in divine/immortaland he plays in normal bracket.

Yall think I play in normal bracket? Lolllllllllll

Sup lads happy Holidays.

Got a few new builds to share.

Phantom Assassin

Starting items
Blade of Attack + Quelling Blade. Tango+Health Pot after bounty rune.

First Buy

Crystalys -

You will afford this by the 5 minute mark every game, making your dagger deadly as hell and giving you complete lane dominance. Your farming speed will also be insane. Loads of flat damage to control denies + CS. You are a god.

Second Buy

Mask Of Madness

Phantom Assassin's Blur active allows you to get off a high amount of auto attack before being revealed.

On average you can complete Crystalys at 5 minutes exactly. You can buy Blight Stone after but it delays Mask of Madness but it's worth getting more often than not. Mask of Madness allows mobility without boots and allows move between your proxy camps accordingly.

Important to note it's not worth ferrying your Broadsword to lane; it's more effective to send Broardsword + Recipe instead. Courier is too slow unless you are tping to base to mainline to Ancients at 5 minutes........... for some reason...

Still working on follow up items but Crystalys is mainly like a slower attack speed midas. It speeds up your jungling so much without battlefury or a deso.

Fun Facts this build works on Ursa and Lifestealer as well.

In Dota 1 Ursa's Fury Swipes were applied after your hit in a separate instance of damage. In Dota 2 the Fury swipes is added into the attack damage and calculated in 1 physical blow. Crystalys is the ultimate power spike item for farm and lane control.

I can't comment on Mask of madness being good on Lifestealer, but rush Crystalys on Lifestealer function's similarly to Ursa. In dota 1 Feast was also a separate source of damage added on after. In Dota 2 this is fixed and Feast is compounded into one blow of damage.

Still testing this, but on my 5 branch blight stone build rush Crystalys can be sometimes good if you follow into Mask of Madness. Still experimenting will follow up.

:fire: numeta builds