Numeta Godmeta Thread

Detailed inside I will be posting the most BROKEN builds of this meta.

5x Bottle support abaddon (Bottle allies under duress and bottle sip allies or yourself when under shield.
5x bottle support Kunkka (x marks refill)
2x bottle offlane QoP
Bottle Offlane Viper


Wish I could upvote twice

I’ll allow it, but only for the metagod

What did they do to bottle?

Being able to buy bottle at the secret shop in the off lane is incredible. NEver have to go to base and the reason for double bottle is to grab both bounty runes and fill both bottles. And river runes if your mid doesn’t go bottle.

why is there no video of 5x bottle abaddon?

You can’t accurately show how effective it is in practice mode.

if you havent already please <3 the OP

Gonna turn on the stream for a couple 5 bottle abaddon games lmao

can u imagine being offlane playing with an abba who spent 3.2k gold on 5 bottles