Numeta's Cryptocurrency thread


Neither is a confidence system that has too much fluctuation

I’m all in 61 shares BCH.

Just saying guys

What is your reasoning?

Free tip: Short the corn around 6450 with SL 6500

Get in BCH before noon tomorrow if you have money to gamble.

Holy shit boys hold on tight to your forks

I believe this was posted at like 800 sats.

Shorted at 0.09, exit at 0.0550, feels good

Just lettin you guys know i’m gonna make a Solar Powered lan enter that all my defenders of the ancient are welcome to once I rake in my riches.


A lot of people are bad mouthing the hard fork scheduled on the 15th; however I assume that claims might be shilled. Twitter/Reddit are not authentic and have long been compromised.

I MAY be taking out 50% of my portfolio out of pre nov 14th I will keep you posted on my actions and assumptions

The market is blood red today, but that is not indicative of how it will be. Stay Tuned.

So a lot of people got scared from all the massive crybabies. While i get their complaint about power tripping crypto chads I sitll think it’s good to have more money in crypto.

I forsee a huge upswing after the 15th. I forsee a huge stagnation after launch though. It will likely move at all or even dip -10-20% for the first 12 hours.

However I see BCH outtaking BTC- calculating all the bCH forks.

crypto is dead you fucking retard

I foresee me making money and you losing money

Sure it dumped before the fork; but wait and see what happens next :slight_smile:


I’m still in BCH and am going to keep my assets in BCH.

you got owned by a pump and dump scheme

Help me