Nyte Has Been Gone For A Month ANNIVERSARY thread

Post how happy you are that nyte is no longer posting thread



I only have negative emotions associated with reading 99.9% of her posts


hasn't even been a month yet

nvm time flies

awe just missed her i guess. i dont think she liked me much but always sad when one of the few remaining posters leaves.

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No its not

maybe i have rose colored glasses from not posting here for a long time/nostalgia

nah it's sad. jdance is just sensitive

nyte was just like anyone of the worst of us she just felt she had a lot more to get angry about. she could be vague, vapid, and mean but most of us have as many demeaning characteristics as she did

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harassment leading to derailing of threads was annoying


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we all suck at something and we all fight over something at some point but then we all laugh together as well.

to me personally she didn't want to be part of this group and just use opportunity to push her agenda.

kinda have to agree here. i dont recall her interacting with anyone outside of scolding them and talking down to them

i think at one point i would've been sad to see her go. but as of now i think it's a positive thing for the forum