nyte's next suitor thread

All right boys line up

Name, Age , sex and occupation and a selfie down below

Phone number / e- mail and self-descs are optional

21 M / unemployed

i've no travel restrictions and willing to get a visa, just an all around cool guy to hang out with.

Why i think i'll be good for nyte : I'm all she needs and more, have all my free time dedicated to her , give her my utmost respect and attention. Treat her like she deserves (the best), i've got an insane libido, can keep going for hours if you feed me right. Will get along with all her friends and i'm especially good with animals.

stop, i'll be handing out bans for the next one

per nyte's demand suitors could engage in a duel to gain her attention further.

Duels will be refereed by a trusted moderator of namafia who is also an indie - rock enthusiast.

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this is like by far the worst part of nadota holy shit

22 / M / health insurance fraud

willing to let you stay at my place if we start dating, don’t worry I won’t be pushy you can sleep on the couch until you’re comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed as me

I think I’m perfect for nyte because I’ve dated an older woman before already and I’m perfectly capable of handling the differences in maturity, people say I act more mature for my age and I have an old soul meaning we are perfect for each other

6’ 120 cancer :cancer:


i like ur glasses