Obstruction of Justice.

As you all know about a month ago I dove deep into the mind of ‘Alightsoul’ and I dug up every bit of information about him so that I could bring him down and let the world know of his crimes. I did personal research, I investigated crime scenes, I interviewed victims. I did everything possible to bring you guys this story.

I’ve been trying my best to get this story out for around a month, but something is happening and people are attempting to cover up this story.

I am being sabotaged.

First Ersu BEGGED me to have a part in my story and he would provide video and voice for my news story. But after weeks of waiting I confronted him about the delay and this is what he had to say.

I then attempted to speak with Dan about his employee Ersu and this is what he had to say.

ian then approached me and offered his services to me as well.

But then I noticed he was also delaying.

I bring this information to you guys to let you know that I am working my hardest on bringing this story to you but ** THEY ** are attempting to sabotage us.

This is spam

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This place is a mental hospital


circus freakshow*


Nice thread

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Another win for Alightsoul - you guys are getting owned left and right.

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Yea pretty much if u wanna look at it that way

the screenshots of this web page almost roped me into reading kyle and jdance posts

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Ding ding ding ding

Ask Louis if you have any other questions about he’s basically my partner as far as helping with technical stream stuff like overlays and bots and shit so ya tune on in lmao

Also wintercunt literally all I want you to admit is that I have my shit together and you were wrong and to be a fucking man and admit it ok gn

ian and ersu must be held accountable. i am unsure at this time if dan is also working with them to destroy my case against alightsoul.

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I’ll do it. Just give me time.

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Thanks guys ur awesome this site has a lot of potential if y’all just sack up a little bit with ur fearless leader here lmfoa

You definitely do Not have your “shit together” - you need solitary confinement.

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thanks for this. they need to just follow me.

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The impression I got from the teamspeak recording is that ur a meek little mousie–do u feel less cornered and that’s why ur saying things again?

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It sure is he thinks I’m asleep cuz he thinks I’m as weak as he is in this little endurance test thankfully I’m not an idiot and take care of myself cuz my mom has been an rn for40 years wow country bumpkin isn’t dumb red nick hick man who coulda fuckin guessed it right!!!

Who are you talking about?

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Xdddddddd sorry buddy still awake :( I’ll come on ts again if you’d like one last exclamation point…