=== Official Alightsoul Versus Electrowizard Thread ===

Whose Side Are You On?

  • Alightsoul
  • Electrowizard
  • UN Demilitarized Zone

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We’ve all witnessed the arguments while reading this forum through our phones at work, school, at a bar.

We’ve all formed our own opinions about whose character draws a more sturdy line.

So, for this thread i am inviting you all to draw a fair conclusion - Does this forum have an Alightsoul problem - Does this forum have an electrowizard problem?

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Show who votes on what lol

cant edit the poll after a votes been cast

g eazy x halsey looks like the most disgusting shit

I thought of a great idea to settle the beef. I (and others that wish to contribute) make a test consisting of a mix of various puzzles, lets say 10 in total. Whoever answers the most puzzles first wins.


I know of an IQ test

IQ tests can be practiced and people can photoshop their results. This will be done live in a thread so there’s no cheating

alongside intellect we should also test their kindness and compassion by making them give fake apologies to each other


I agree. We should make them say 5 things they like about the other person.

  • test
  • test1

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Can I play

Probably gonna need a week to get sober clarity

But Mensa IQ test :^)

I can prob fix that.