Official Ayyyyy thread

Official alien thread

i have heard of this one, i personally think the fermi paradox + the great filter theory is closer to occams razor and a more succinct explanation to lack of direct contact. although if there is some sort of Necron like civilization out there we are pretty fucked

i don't know too much about fuel sources but i'm inclined to believe fusion or something we haven't discovered the use for yet would be more efficient/safer to use than waging war on organic life. if you had something like a dyson sphere the ship would provide all the fuel you could possibly need, at least for anything we can currently imagine

if aliens were to come to earth i think they would probably be looking for something they couldn't find elsewhere, something like a specific genetic sequence or dna, which might involve pasting all terrestrial life or might not

yeah the fermi paradox/great filter seems pretty plausible as well

we're pretty much fufilling that prophecy as we speak so yeah, and we almost fufilled it multiple times during the cold war

if not for Vasily Arkhipov

or Stanislav Petrov

none of us would even exist rn

did you happen to check out the videos I linked @Osiris ?

they're really great

these are all must see TV if you're interested in ayys or outer space

the white tic tac thing that fucked with the US Navy multiple times freaks me out

If you can classify any of your theories as conspiracies you are idiotic

they're not conspiracies, watch the videos

the US Navy and DoD literally admitted this stuff is true recently

also this "nothing ever happens, trust in authority, they always tell you the truth" mindset you have is pretty low IQ. I guess it's comforting to see the world in such a straight forward way though.

if you think of outer space as the size of all the oceans on earth, the amount we've explored or looked at in telescopes is the size of a teaspoon. the fact is we just don't know what's our there and it's probable that there are other intelligent species. if it can happen to us it can happen on other planets as well.

If it has been admitted, it's not a conspiracy

I'm not going to watch videos made by actual nutjobs who probably attend crazy fucked up conventions

This is you bro

God fucking damn those videos are ■■■■■■■■■ Has maxwell's wife been killed yet btw?

jdance would you ever consider turning your dad into a streamer in the style of a DarkSydePhil? I feel like him presenting himself would be genuinely interesting to a large group of people

That's what your mother said last night

ill watch em when im making dinner tonight

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my mom is a very active member of the kiwifarms community

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the dude is not a nutjob he's extremely objective and neutral

he makes videos about all type of topics he's not an alien/ufo youtuber lol, and he even admitted to being extremely skeptical going in but there was just tons of weird shit that can't be explained

it's so cute how jdance prides himself on being close minded