Official Doxxing of Alightsoul Thread

I’m sorry, but he has crossed the line. I’ve found an image of @theGreatWingdingi on his birthday this year and I believe the forum must know.

This is damning evidence. We select a jury next week.

I’ve never actually seen deepthroat post anything funny

I think he might be autistic

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I’ve never actually seen jdance post anything funny

I think he might be autistic

Are you a toddler?

Oh alright


I think both Jdance and Electrowizard are - despite their senses of humor not matching - both pretty good at telling jokes.

Ewiz’s humor is looking and someone, pointing, feeling superior to them for a brief moment, and then laughing. Nothing he says is clever. He just tried to point out flaws in people. It’s all he does.

I am however finished on the topic.


You can’t tell a brick wall it is one. It doesn’t have the necessary IQ to self-realize.

You talking down to anyone about intelligence is pretty funny, so I take back what I said earlier

Not a bad thread

Keep improving every day electric wizkid

I’m like 95% sure I’ve made this same thread before with a different maga image

The blurred image that you have to click is a nice touch

I feel like the thread really would’ve fallen flat if you could see the image as soon as you opened the post

What is something that you don’t like about yourself that you would like to change?