Official Goy Club Feuding Thread

Jones (or the poster currently on the Jones account) is throwing out shots at big-benny. I’m going to be honest though, I haven’t read the big-benny responses so I don’t know what’s going on. Is this a powerplay for control of the goy club?

There is a lot of conflict regarding drug usage and Nyte has very strong opinions regarding bigbenny hahaha.

keep us updated

I will I will!

A long, silent pause

Who is nyte? Does he like drugs or not.

Personally I’m unsure of my stance.

He likes horses

Nyte is a succubus known for freeing lonely young men on the old forum from their money and their ESL NY plane tickets

Some have called her the most beautiful girl in all the lands

Who is the goy club, really?

Hasn’t half of the current forum posters been goy club at some point in time. Or at least affiliated with them for le epic meme


I’m goy club affiliated

LBJ inducted me

My dick is goy club affiliated but the rest of me thinks it’s disgusting and wants nothing to do with it

But who among you can say that they have gazed upon the visage of Brendan, in sincerity?

Have you gazed upon the visage of brendan in sincerity

And do you mean brendan or “brendan”

Yeah I’m definitely not goy club. And if you have to ask me which brendan, figurative or non, that I’m speaking of, well, you surely know more than I on these matters and, yet, you still aren’t goy club, so, nice lies to everyone claiming affiliation. Lies!

Explain what this means to those of us who are one less standard deviation from three standard deviations from baseline Caucasian intelligence.