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Resuming my studies soon so won’t be able to post here nearly as much. Will fade into a more c or d tier activity level user such as Huber or prc. Looking forward to advancing in life always and forever on the bright side.

Sitch dont kill my vibe HUH

C or D tier activity level but hopefully not grades hahahaha! Good luck.

Hahahahaha! Well I’ll be keeping up an A activity level as in A for attendance. I want to travel this summer so I’m going to have to save up some cash and I can’t fail my end of years as it will be too much stress looming over me.

Any plans for the start of the academic year?

Not really - hot times for employment are around semester finals.

If you were asking for advice that is.

I don’t particularly need advice as I’m not finished college yet.

It’s always good to get an internship in your field

I might have to go for a summer internship: our college doesn’t have designated time assigned to getting an internship. I’ll have to speak to some professors this semester. Did yours?

No you had to do it on your own

Do what on your own.

Getting and internship


Was meant to reply to above ^^

Yes but most colleges over here assign a semester time-slot specifically for internship whilst here we have something similar but also different.


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This thread is for goy club only. Please refrain from posting here :smile: