OFFICIAL NAMafia Socialists Union Thread

open recruitment enquire within

Which ones are socialists? Pitch me

I’m a communist. Can I still apply?

Are you not tired of being under the foot of the Rich? Robbed of opportunity and humanity?

“More men have become great through practice than by nature.” - Democritus

Why is it that the common man is not afforded the luxury to practice, to learn, to grow? To become great? To toil and sweat as a subordinate to the Rich just so their children, and their childrens’ children can do the same?

Your participation here is no different, your clicks, your posts. All of it generates a value that you see NONE of. Are we not all responsible for the success or failure of this venture? If from the sweat of our brows the site prospers, who prospers with it? Is it you? Is it I? It’s one man. An “owner” of all of OUR carefully crafted submissions and the value created therein.

This is how it is.
But it needs not always be so.
We can band together,
We can organize,
And together, my brothers,
We can truly live as equals

hits blunt

walks past random child and Hawks loogie on the back of her head


Auto correct

I’m not sorry

No need to be brother. If it was a result of ignorance my only hope was that it wouldn’t happen again in the future, no remorse necessary.

turning point venezuela


Love taxes love nationalization love democratizing the work place

love too abolish for profit mode of production

This thread is over my head.

It’s under my nuts

You see? He doesn’t respect us, when we are the blood running through this projects VEINS. Who is @SOPHIE without us? Just some unemployed “bisexual”, possibly jewish

i move to purge this nerd from the party