Official petition to open an official thread thread



onw hat

this is the official thread to petition someone to open an official thread on something

I mean listen Im down to be Official but the cause is important

we have to rebrand and think about optics guys, we need to start threads with stuff like

"y'all aren't ready to"

and making sweeping generalizations about our target audiences while demeaning their ability to think for themselves

basically im smart other people are dumb

which part would I rebrand with that

cuz i like it

i dont know i was just typing words to sound like i knew what i was talking about

Official y’all ain’t ready to start making official threads again thread incoming?

if tyall start harassing me i wont fix the sidebar

i have a gun to the head of this forum. do not fuck with me

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Official admin harassment thread incoming


u guys are apes [officially]